Who Is Matadorr Sound? Learn more about our Sound Design Company

Who Is Matadorr Sound? Learn more about our Sound Design Company

Welcome to Matadorr Sound, a distinguished sound design company where creativity meets innovation in the realm of sound.

At the heart of our operation are the talents and visions of three extraordinary individuals: Ryan Buendia, Mikey Legend, and Eddie Jimenez. Together, they bring a rich tapestry of musical and technical expertise to our sound design projects, making us stand out among top sound design companies.

Sound Design: The Art and Science

But, what is sound design? In essence, it's the craft of creating sounds for various applications, from movies and video games to live events and installations.

A sound designer is responsible for creating the auditory elements of a project, which can range from recording real-life sounds to generating original sounds through digital means. This process involves sound editing, mixing, and the integration of musical sound to create professional sounds that elevate the user experience.

Our Founders' Journey

  • Ryan Buendia, known as DJ Replay, is a pivotal figure in our company. His journey with the hit-making collective 'Free School' has seen him work with icons like Doja Cat, The Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna, earning accolades and Platinum status across the globe. His expertise in creating sounds that resonate with audiences worldwide is a cornerstone of Matadorr Sound's philosophy.
  • Mikey Legend brings to the table his exceptional talent as a music producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. With roots in the Bay Area and now operating out of Los Angeles, Mikey's versatility and ability to craft melodies, which have earned him placements with The Jabbawockeez and Redbull; across genres underscore our commitment to diversity and innovation in sound design.
  • Eddie Jimenez, the young prodigy of our team, showcases remarkable skill as a producer and engineer. Trained under the wings of Grammy Award-winning mentors James Fauntleroy and Rance Dopson at the acclaimed 1500 Academy, Eddie's passion and precision in production, sound editing and creating immersive audio effects are what make our projects stand out.

What We Do

As a leading sound design company, our work encompasses everything related to sound. From creating sounds and sound mixes that captivate listeners to recording high-quality audio for various projects, our sound designers work tirelessly to bring visions to life.

We specialize in the development of sound engines that power the next generation of media, ensuring every sound effect, from music and sound effects to recorded audio, is of the highest quality and originality.

Our approach is grounded in the real-life textures of sound, blending recorded audio with synthesized audio effects to create something truly unique. This dedication to original sounds and professional quality is what places us among the top sound design companies.

Why Choose Matadorr Sound?

Choosing Matadorr Sound means opting for a company that's not just responsible for creating sounds but is deeply involved in the evolution of sound design. Our founders' rich history in the music industry, coupled with our innovative techniques and commitment to quality, makes us a premier choice for anyone looking for musical sound and truly exceptional sound effects.

Whether you need comprehensive sound design services, professional sound editing, or the creation of captivating music and sound effects, Matadorr Sound is here to elevate your project. Our dedication to excellence and innovation is what makes us stand out as a sound design company. Let us bring your auditory vision to life with the professionalism and creativity that is the hallmark of Matadorr Sound.

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